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PICUP: The Partnership for Integrating Computing into Undergraduate Physics

Last updated: Sunday 29 April, 2007
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    Participant lists - by work group, and personal background information - by person
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    Situational background information for all participants

    This document indicates how the participants compare on some standard items related to the types of institutions they come from and the computational situations there.

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    Air travel info, local transport clusters, and lodging data

    Participants should check here to see that we have all of their correct travel information. The names are sorted by means of transportation, and by airport and arrival time if they are flying. There are groupings of "arrivees" according to whether they arrive within about one hour of one another. Those in each group are encouraged to travel in a common vehicle to the lab, most likely a taxi cab. More details to facilitate this are here.

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    Visioning WORKshop provisional agenda/schedule

    This was a "first-order" attempt to sketch out how the workshop activities would be organized. Because the workshop activities may be modified from day to day depending upon the experience of the previous day, this agenda/schedule is at best only suggestive. Note that the "issues" panel will only become involved in the workshop starting Saturday morning. The work groups will start one day earlier.

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    Workflow description

    This is a narraative account of what we think will be the progress of the work. It also illustrates the interaction between the work groups, and the work groups and the issues panel.

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    Workflow depiction

    This is a graphical account of what we think will be the progress of the work. It also illustrates the relative amount of time delegated to each work session by means of the row heights in the table. The height of each row is closely proportional to that session's duration.

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    This is a portal to information for travel to Argonne as well as the Argonne campus.