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PICUP: The Partnership for Integrating Computing into Undergraduate Physics

Last updated: April 30, 2007 4:10 PM

Aggregated email through 10 April

Composite discussion through 10 April

Aggregated email 10-17 April

Composite discussion through 16 April

Sample E&M problems from Cook

Sample Vector Field module from Gray

Intro - Starting Group 3 agenda from David Cook - 30 April 2007

I have made another attempt at structuring at least the beginnings of our interaction this weekend at ANL. ... I think I have identified topics we should address in the first session or two, somethings that can be the focus of criticism and refinement. ... I believe our time will be more productive if we don't start with a blank sheet of paper ... I ask that you look over the attachment, think about the issues raised, and come prepared to help improve the questions, develop answers, and---ultimately---to make some progress on at least outlining if not actually creating a module or two.