From: Norman Chonacky <>
Date: April 26, 2007 10:49:49 AM EDT
Subject: FAQ: Transportation arrangements - airport to ANL gate.

On Apr 26, 2007, at 9:50 AM, Paul Tiesinga wrote:
Do we need to arrange our own transportation from the airport to ANL?

A week or so ago when I posted the "Air travel info, local transport clusters, and lodging data" on our web site (item #3 on the WORKshop Info page), I indicated that I had "clustered" near-coincident arrivers on the Travelers'  table and that "further details would be forthcoming". Well here are those details:

1. The bottom line is that you are each responsible for your own travel airport-ANL. Taxicab is the simplest choice.

2. However, the Travelers'  table has persons "clustered" into groups of about 1 hour in span. We encourage person's within each group to share a cab. 

3. Obviously, to do so you must meet and hence recognize one another. Since it is hopelessly complex for us to do this for each group, I would encourage people within each given cluster grouping to contact one another ahead of time, perhaps to exchange photos or some descriptive information, to arrange for some recognizable location to meet, etc. 

4. If you can't succeed, then of course take your own taxi.

But please at least try to make such arrangements. Failing to even try will assure an extra burden on an already tight operating budget of funds we have scraped together so that we could get this experiment running forthwith (it is less than one year from the Syracuse AAPT meeting), and to convince future funding agencies that there are a lot of faculty for whom computational integration is an important priority.

Best regards and best wishes -- Norman