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PICUP: The Partnership for Integrating Computing into Undergraduate Physics

Last updated: Thursday 3 May, 2007
  1. General Argonne contact link Contact information

    If you are needing to contact ANL during work hours during the week, regarding changes in your itinerary or attendance, our POC there is:
    Carolyn Peters - (630) 252-4909.

    For lodging modifications:
    Argonne Guest House
    Argonne National Laboratory
    9700 S. Cass Avenue - Building 460
    Argonne, IL 60439
    Phone: 800-632-8990 or 630-739-6000

    While you are en route (Thursday both day and evening):
    Norman will attend his cell phone: (203) 494-2117

  2. Argonne visitor link

    ANL visitor information - General information and site map - Guest House (our lodging place and your first destination) is building #460. The staff there know our meeting by the name "SC07 Physics", so use that name in claiming your room.

    Our WORKshop meetings are in building #221 - Math and Computer Science. Here is a map of that building.

  3. Argonne Google map

    ANL interactive (Google) map

    This is a link to Google's rendition of the Argonne National Laborartory local. If you want to do your own exploration, or if you wish to render a driving route for ourself, use this link.

  4. View pdf

    Air travel info, local transport clusters, and lodging data

    Participants should check here to see that we have all of their correct travel information. The names are sorted by means of transportation, and by airport and arrival time if they are flying. There are groupings of "arrivees" according to whether they arrive within about one hour of one another. Those in each group are encouraged to travel in a common vehicle to the lab, most likely a taxi cab. More details to facilitate this are here.

  5. Argonne from O'Hare

    O'Hare Airport to ANL map (for your cab driver!)

    This is a rendering of the route that Google has laid out for travel from O'Hare to ANL.

  6. Argonne from Midway

    ANL interactive (Google) map

    This is a rendering of the route that Google has laid out for travel from Midway to ANL.